Traditionally, men are the proposers, but in today’s western culture it isn’t abnormal to see woman popping the question. I bring this up because when a couple has decided to take their relationship to the next level, often the first thing to occur is the hunt for ring styles and one of the hardest things to find is something that suits the both of them.¬†Generally, people choose between gold or silver, which is absolutely fine. Those metals are strong and beautiful, however, a style hot on their trail is tungsten wedding bands and before you make your final decision, you might want to read about why that is. Tungsten offers three main components that other materials might lack– resistance, durability and versatility.


This tough metal is known for its strength. It can take almost anything you throw at it and makes for a great piece of jewelry for the hardworking man and woman. If you’re someone that works heavily with their hands, this ring choice could be well worth it. The weight of this metal alone is pretty surprising and while tungsten is very brittle, this can actually be looked at as a pro rather than a con. When under enough pressure, it will simply snap or crumble, instead of bending and pinching like other metals. However, this doesn’t happen often, as a lot of pressure would be needed in order for it to break. Many people choose tungsten to save their fingers in a potential accident and, contrary to popular belief, can be cut free in an emergency.


One of tungsten’s key features is its ability to remain scratch free and polished for the entirety of its life. While it’s not infallible, it can only become scratched under extreme circumstances. The great thing is that many jewelers will offer lifetime warranties on tungsten. This is very important to look out for if you decide to purchase a ring of this material because tungsten can not be resized like gold and silver.


There are so many ways to make tungsten carbide rings unique to you and can be customized just like any other material. They can be inlaid with various wood species, pearl and ceramic, you can find them brushed with nickel or plated in gold. There are even styles that have beveled edges and grooved centers. For men, it’s common to see a wider, darker band and for women they offer more slender, brighter colors. If you’re looking for something with diamonds well, tungsten can do that too.¬†The reasons why tungsten is growing in popularity is bountiful and while their cons are something to be considered, the advantages surely outweigh them.