Lyle Smith with wife Jennifer Smith

Lyle Smith, owner of Superstar Wedding, created this revolutionary business after the trying event of planning his own wedding with his wife. Together, they spent months picking through the details. Cake testing, color choices, venues, catering, costs etc. It was overwhelming and frankly, took a lot of the pleasure out of what should have been a beautiful occasion. After consulting with his wife, the two put their heads together and designed this company to bring convenience and assurance to future brides and grooms. They wanted to show couples that wedding planning can be fun and semi stress free. So far, they’ve helped hundreds of people create their dream weddings and all within their budget.

Lyle enjoys reading and writing and adventuring with his wife Jennifer all around their hometown in Columbia, South Carolina. If you’d like to schedule with Superstar Wedding or have any questions, you can email Lyle directly at superstarwedding@graduate.org.