To the bride and groom, the priority in your wedding planning is you!

Once an engagement has occurred, all life emphasis shifts to wedding preparation. The focus shifts from love to stress, from a future life of happiness to the one big day. While the big day should be perfect, brides and grooms deserve to enjoy their budding relationship while working up to their trip down the aisle.

We offer wedding planning resources, and we have the tools you need to make sure your wedding is exactly how you want it without jeopardizing the happiness that got you to this nuptial road.

After experiencing our 90-minute webinar, a bride will fully understand our seven keys to becoming the perfect bride. This includes:

  • One place to find all key wedding planning resources, organized and easy to find
  • Step-by-step instructions for wedding planning, so no item is overlooked, and a budget can be prepped
  • Coupons and money saving instructions, real stories about cutting costs from real brides
  • Relationship and relaxation tips, so you can enjoy wedding preparation
  • Family complication remedies that don’t cause estrangement
  • Problem-solving solutions for the inevitable speed bumps in the planning
  • Time management

These seven topics will send your wedding planning in the right direction with less stress and a better wedding day.

The bride deserves to feel and look her best

Facials, manicures, pedicures, massage, waxing, hair and makeup are all stress creators and financial burdens to the new bride. There’s no getting around them. The bride must feel and look her best, and she won’t feel like everything is perfect unless she has time for this. Budgeting and organization for photographers, tuxedos, limousines, and catering are additional things to consider. By the time everything is considered, there’s a laundry list of planning to do that can be pretty overwhelming.

Our webinar is directed by a wedding planner, speaker, and wedding book author. She has aided hundreds of brides in their planning process, and she is excited to offer this webinar free to all brides.

So many brides head to their honeymoon happy but exhausted and glad the wedding is over. This is such a shame because the bride deserves to be pampered and relaxed as she heads off to her luxurious vacation with her new husband. Our webinar will help to make sure that happens.

We also have a blog for brides to post their experiences, we advertise wedding shows, and we offer bridal products to keep you fresh and beautiful on the day you become a misses.

Make sure you attend our webinar to make your wedding perfect, and if you know other engaged couples struggling with planning the big day, tell them about us!